Areas of Support

Programs Supported by Your Donations

All donations allow COAMED Foundation to continue the mission to provide preventive, therapeutic, supportive and rehabilitative health care services to under-served communities in the State of Florida and overseas.

This is Beatriz from COAMED women group, during a medical mission in March 2016. She is organizing thousands of prescription glasses for underprivileged in PROVIDENCE, Colombia.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers are the backbone of COAMED Foundation. Virtually, any person can give their time and talents to help us around in many activities. Opportunities and events supporting local and international missions are all year around, and to promote them to others based on their location, skills and interests. You can check for Feature Events to see the upcoming events.

Medical Missions

The vast majority of COAMED Foundation money comes from individual donors who give in small amounts. One hundred percent goes directly to our field projects. We keep costs down by using generic medications, buying in bulk, and carefully managing our supply lines. All medical missions are carry over by a group of health care professionals that work for the people expecting no compensation. From the logistics to bringing heavy medical machine transportation, to the coordination of volunteering in the field to support Doctors’ services, COAMED Foundation operates many aspects of medical missions. There are many new prospective communities in need; COAMED Foundation works with Doctors, Dentist and Medical personnel to bring health care and hope.

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For more information, contact us:

Nicolás Fernández, MD

Anesthesiologist & Antiaging Medicine

Gabriel Pérez, MD


Luz Piedad Parra, LHAS

Audiology / Hearing Aid Specialist

José Arias, MD

Cardiology Interventional & Nuclear Cardiology

Héctor Lozano, MD

Cardiology Invasive Cardiologist, Echocardiography & Nuclear Cardiology

Lina M. Vargas Abello, MD, FACS

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Medical Aesthetics

William Mayoral, MD


Jhon Jairo Orrego, MD

Ginecology & Obstetrics

Luis Fernando Tobón, MD

Ginecology & Obstetrics

Rene Cabeza, MD

Hematology – Oncology

Lucy Duque-Roberts, APRN-DNP

Advance Practice Registered Nurse- DNP

Juan Carlos Escandón, MD

 Sleep Medicine Family & Sleep Medicine

Jorge E. Monroy, MD

General Medicine, Primary Care Physician

Carlos Jassir, MD

Pain Medicine

Diana Hussain, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine

Ivan Bolívar, MD

Internal Medicine

Fabio Echavarría, MD

Internal Medicine

Olga Peña-Herrera, MD

Internal Medicine

Camilo Rincón, MD

Internal Medicine

Tamid A. Turbay, MD

Internal Medicine

Mark LaGatta, MD

Nephrology, Hypertension, Transplant

Gregor Alexander, MD

Neonatal & Perinatal Medicine

Raúl Castaño, DMD, MS, DICOI, DABOI

Dentistry, Oral Aesthetic & Implantologist Dentist

Mauricio Chavarriaga, DDS

Dentistry, Endodontics

Jenny Narváez, DDS

General, Cosmetic & Restorative Dentist

Viviana Santos, DDS

Dentistry General, Cosmetic & Restorative Dentist

Juan José Agudelo, PHD

Clinical Psychology

Andrés M. Pérez, DPM, FACFAS

Podiatry – Foot & Ankle Surgery

Diana Castaño, LMHC

Psychology, Mental Health Counselor

Javier Miller Jr. MD

Urology, Robotic Surgeon & Urologic Prosthetic Surgeon

Giovanni Jubiz, MD, PHD.

Reproductive Medicine and Immunology

W. Raleigh Thompson, MD, FACS

Pediatric General Surgery Trauma Surgery & Surgical Critical Care

Luis Herrera, MD

Thorax and Esophageal Surgery

Alexandra Franco García, MD, MHA

Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Daniel Miller, MD

Sports Medicine

Gustavo A. Sosa, MD

Family Medicine

Emma Herrera, MD

General Medicine

Lyna Campo Ellis, MD

Internal Medicine, Hepatology

Virgilio Matheus, MD

Neuro Surgery and Spinal Surgery

Grace J. Marín, PhD, LMHC, CFMHE, QS

Psychology, Psychotherapy, Mental Health Counselor

Adriana Rueda-Barrera, LMHC

Psychology, Mental Health Counselor

Gladis Parra, RN, BSN

Nurse, Executive Nurse

Andrew Arroyave, RN

 Registered Nurse

Jorge Gómez Amador, MD

Internal Medicine & Cardiologist