Olga Marcela Restrepo, Assistant Secretary

Olga Marcela Restrepo

Assistant Secretary

Olga Marcela Restrepo, graduated from Hs from Colegio La Presentacion Medellin and obtained her college Diploma in Design From Escuela Arturo Tejada.

Olga Marcela strongly believes that “All that is done in the service to others has more reward and sense than any monetary gain especially if it is done for the less favored and children who are the most vulnerable and defenseless in society”.

That is why Olga Marcela strongly believes that health and education are the basis of every human being and the importance of this right to be received by every child in the world.

As part of the construction company SkyBuildersUSA, to which Olga Marcela belongs, she has been fortunate to be able to help less fortunate families to improve their way of life through programs such as “House Rehabilitation Programs” through Orange County and the City of Orlando.

Olga Marcela is a Board member of COAMED Foundation and she in involved as Assistant Secretary. She has been a Board Director of COAMED since it was founded on 2017.

Olga Marcela Restrepo

Olga Marcela Restrepo