ZUA Flooring Project

ZUA Flooring Project

Dr. Nicolas Fernandez, on behalf of COAMED FOUNDATION, went to visit a small but LIVELY community in Colombia.

The people of Patio Bonito, Bogota, a scarce & fiscally challenged community have been blessed with the presence of the ZUA Foundation.

The ZUA Foundation has served as an extended before and after-school childcare where children are given FREE meals, school supplies and access to educational recreational activities (fine arts, music, crafting, tutoring sessions, etc), while parents and guardians can attend to their demanding, and rather long, work hours with the peace of mind that their child is being nurtured and guarded.

However, when visiting this establishment, Dr. Fernandez noticed that in the midst of children singing along to folk songs and laughing at their imaginations in their creative writing sessions, the children and caretakers were in a three-story building, with unfinished flooring and full of dirt.

A new campaign to help them finish the floor started, and COAMED was able to collect, during the last holiday season, a total of US$2,593.69 that were sent to ZUA Foundation. It may not seem like much, but we strongly believe that the smallest efforts can have the greatest impact. Floors are finished, and they are grateful for the opportunity to be in a space that allows them to create, laugh and be. That’s all the incredible work and passion ZUA has provided for years.