Fundación FHES Cartagena 2020

(Postponed to late 2020)

In 2020, COAMED Foundation will be supporting Fundacion FHES (Fundacion Humana para la Education y el Servicio), a Non-Profit association that provides support to young women (many of them single mothers) from impoverished and vulnerable communities in Cartagena, Colombia offering them the opportunity to enroll into affordable short term academic programs and allowing them to have access to dignified job opportunities in the tourism industry through strategic partnerships with local entrepreneurs and business owners.


According to the International Labour Organization – ILO, the most vulnerable populations to become victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation are girls and young women who live in communities below the poverty line, especially in areas where the main economic activity evolves around port operations, construction and touristic industries. The city of Cartagena in Colombia is a perfect example of this scenario, with a booming touristic industry and with one the most active port operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. In contrast, 80% of its population, still lives below poverty levels many of them in underserved areas and under extreme and challenging conditions.

Studies have shown that after finishing high school, most  young women from low income areas in Cartagena do not have the opportunity to afford continued education that allows them a space in the work-force. In order to survive, they have no alternative other than taking sub-standard, informal low paying jobs that generally do not provide enough income to satisfy their basic needs.

This situation  makes them an easy prey for big and powerful networks of sexual trafficking that unfortunately have established in Cartagena taking advantage of their precarious conditions.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

The impact and value of COAMED’s support to this cause is really incalculable, from improved quality of life to better mental and physical health for women and children in Cartagena. Many of these young women are the main providers for their homes and their kids, families and extended families depend on their ability to earn a living.

By sponsoring some of these young students, not only we are providing the opportunity of a lifetime but also promoting access to education that is based in promotion for human dignity with principles and values that encourage service to others and to share and multiply what they’ve learned with others in similar situation.


COAMED is always looking for ways to support the most needy and vulnerable populations and to give back to our communities. All donations to this cause will be used to sponsor low income young women to start or complete this short academic program that will multiply their opportunities to enroll into formal employment opportunities allowing them to provide a dignifying environment to their families while becoming productive members of society.


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