COAMED is helping communities and change lives in Florida and abroad

COAMED is helping communities and change lives in Florida and abroad

During the multiples health service opportunities COAMED has been impact with a support on different aspect into the health underserve communities. We believe that our committed to Serve and change lives are present is intact and very genuine. We had been experimented magic moments on multiple opportunities during all our international humanitarian medical missions since 2013.

Let me share a few of this moments

On March of 2013, COAMED bring to the Regional hospital Amor de Patria of San Andres Island a donation of 4 high last technology Incubators that will allow to serve the Neonatology unit. The Neonatology unit we’re having a high mortality rate due to a lack of adequate equipment , but fortunately, we bring no only the equipments that we got donated for the Arnold Palmer Hospital , but also we count into our Medical team with very good Top line medical Specialists that allow Us to trained the local Physicians and in less than a year after, the mortality rate of Neonatology came down from 50% until less than 5%.

This allow to this community to have a better change of life mainly on high risk pregnancy and also reduce cost because they were allow to stay in town with better change for the new born that will get change of life with a better outcome in life quality and don’t need to expend money on transfers of this high risk delivery.

Definetly the pediatric population get well serve with this support from COAMED . Since that year this Neonatology unit is getting a gold standard of service that will be easily to compare with any other Neonatology unit in Colombian that wasn’t before… Thanks to COAMED.

Another case was in on the Humanitarian Medical Mission of 2015 at the Providence Island. On this opportunity during the health Kids festival and community party that COAMED usually organize with the coordination of the local authorities and on this time awe got over 1200 persons presence at the Providence Stadium, COAMED present a personal donation for around of 1000 school back packs , directly that got delivery directly on the kids hands on the age range between 5-12 years old, but in that events. Also we were Giving an small gift of support appreciation to all this kids, but also donated a multiples medical devices like wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and multiple canes on need community.

But we had an special Magical COAMED momentum, because we had be of particular extra support wheelchair for a neurologic / discapacitated kid and in the medium of this big event, COAMED presented this pediatric wheelchair to a family with a kid 11 years old with sequela of Cerebral palsy and he never had the opportunity to develop any of the basic neurological functions like walk, sit by his self, no even he can hold his head due to his muscle weakness and a few other neurological conditions with basic under develop, his family were dealing with all this situation for this 11 years, his parents need to carry him with theirs arms even he growth and make his body more heavy and he needs to visit on constant way his physicians and his routines be physical therapies appointments all the time and they never consider a possibility to get any special wheel chair, where he can sit or transport due to a limit access of technology and high price.

Well COAMED that day gave this special chair for this kid and allow his family to resolve partially some of his daily needs, the moment that we call this kid, his mother to be on the front stage in order get this chair, the complete community presented on the stadium was very emotioned and sheer and clapping for these very importan and touching moment, definitely we are sure that this donation that COAMED got from the Support of Florida Hospital, let us to well impact their life as well the Providence families, that no only they got well emotional but I can tell you , that we got as well emociones after we see that all COAMED EFFORTS got worth it, because one more life get a big positive impact change for all his family life on that Magical Moment.

Friends all these moments is why make yo COAMED very special group and continue to be possible with your support and believe in our Committed that are serve and make the difference with our services.

I can say…… after we lived these moments on multiple other COAMED magic moments and we encourage communities when we left a path difference in the places that we are touching. Make US to increase the encourage to be continue and we can continue more and more when we count in persons that keep us with a permanent support

More Magics and impacts moments are coming …..

By: Andres M. Perez MD, DPM