Areas of Support

Programs Supported by Your Donations

All donations allow COAMED Foundation to continue the mission to provide preventive, therapeutic, supportive and rehabilitative health care services to under-served communities in the State of Florida and overseas.

This is Beatriz from COAMED women group, during a medical mission in March 2016. She is organizing thousands of prescription glasses for underprivileged in PROVIDENCE, Colombia.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers are the backbone of COAMED Foundation. Any person can donate their time and talents to help us around in many activities, and to promote them based on their location, skills and interests. Opportunities and events supporting local and international missions are needed year-round. See the upcoming event to check our Future Events.

Medical Missions

The vast majority of COAMED Foundation money comes from individual donors who give in small amounts. One hundred percent goes directly to our field projects. We keep costs down by using generic medications, buying in bulk, and carefully managing our supply lines. All medical missions are carried over by a group of health care professionals that work for the people expecting no compensation. From the logistics to bringing heavy medical machine transportation, to the coordination of volunteering in the field to support Doctors’ services, COAMED Foundation operates many aspects of medical missions. There are many new prospective communities in need; COAMED Foundation works with Doctors, Dentist and Medical personnel to bring health care and hope.

Medical Missions

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