A reason to exist: the Philanthropy behind Medical Missions

A reason to exist: the Philanthropy behind Medical Missions

Impoverished communities long for assistance brought to them by medical missions. This missions, on the other hand, plan this visits based on the financial aid they are able to collect through fundraising events, donor pages and charity.

 Today, many lives can be saved because the advances in medicine have found cure for not all but many diseases. At the same time, pharma and biotechnology companies are now able to use resources and bring solutions to less fortunate places.

The ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ say that times of “confusion and chaos” will come if a financial aid to third world poverty stops, bringing millions of patients to die for lack of curative solutions. Overall, life expectancy is increasing, but the poor communities, where politics could be decreasing peoples’ chances of survival, tend to be the exception.

Coamed Foundation goes beyond religion or political interest, and centers the needs of the population in health care, making its priority on what’s more meaningful, TO FIND A CURE. Bringing specialized doctors to remote areas, bringing newest treatments, bringing education and most importantly bringing hope to communities in need, where people can be healthy and happy and feel better about themselves.

Local doctors and healthcare givers identify the health problems its community endures.

The treatment for chronic diseases requires education, prevention and lifestyle changes. The remedy to infections are vaccines, antibiotics and anti viral medications.

Medical supplies help alleviate issues, medications control the spreading of the problem, and not to heal their souls with God and religion, Missions should bring cure to a problem that local government cannot provide.

By: A. Nicolas Fernandez MD